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        Hunan ShengHuaYuan materials technology co., LTD was transformed from Hunan sany new materials co., LTD on 1st November 2007. The company is located in the national circular economy industry demonstration area—Industrial park in Miluo city Hunan province. It is close to National highway 107, Miluo high speed railway station, Jingzhu (Beijing to Zhuhai) Express Highway, superior geographic location and special policy are conducive to develop the company.
        The company under the professional development, production and marketing for braze welding materials, copper base braze welding materials, copper-phosphorus base braze welding materials, composite metal braze welding materials, copper and copper alloy solder wire, aluminum and aluminum alloy solder wire, and X-55 etc which are used in drilling bit. These products are now widely used in domestic oil drilling bit companies, drilling tool companies, tool companies and also export to many countries, up to now, the company has the best yield, the largest sales volume, the highest-profile in China.
        The company adhering to the idea “to be a man before work”, “all for alient, and all for Innovation”, trained the core ability “Innocation” and “Service”. The company has strong technical strength and also invested heavily for cooperate with scientific research institutions to develop new technology, new products, to meets the needs of the market. Recent 30 years, the quality keeps steady and the company development at the frontier in this industry.

        In future, as always, we will insist the conception “take honesty as our cardinal principle and put the customers first”, devote ourself to study blaze weling marerials, keeps coming up with new products, sevice for more clients. Wish to mutual benefit and win-win with friedns and common development in this industry.